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When you’re facing a serious matter like a pest invasion, call on the expert pest control services provided by Corky’s Pest Control Santa Ana. With over a quarter century of reliable expert service throughout Orange County, you can count on our guaranteed service programs to rid your property of a multitude of pests.

pest control operators associationCorky’s Pest Control Santa Ana has been providing quality pest control services in Orange County for over 35 years. We specialize in the use of green products – both botanic and low-impact, using only the best on the market. Our highly trained personnel assure customer satisfaction, and they will take care of problems ranging from ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects, rodents such as mice, rats, and gophers.

For termite issues, we can refer your issues to our termite specialists. Contact our family owned and operated business for competitive rates and personalized pest control.


Using a special web duster, unsightly webs are brushed from the eaves, overhangs, window casings, door frames and along fence lines.



A botanical and/or low impact treatment is applied to the eaves, foundation, cracks and crevices of the home concentrating on where cobwebs are discovered.



Property perimeters are sprayed with repellents to prevent migrating and foraging insects from entering the property.



The property is inspected for trouble spots and immediately treated. A special probe is used to destroy nesting sites.



Freestanding structures and furniture are inspected and treated where cobwebs and nests are found.



Overall treatment is performed to your landscape with additional treatments where infestations are discovered. Your technician has a variety of control methods and tools to use for different pests.

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