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commercial pest controlCorky’s Pest Control Santa Ana is a truly integrated pest management company. Our insect infestation control starts with considering factors on your property that cause potential for insect migration from neighboring properties. We minimize the problems that draw ants and spiders to your property in the first place by using multiple treatments, adjusted seasonally according to temperature, length of daylight, and the stages of insect life cycles. We have developed an integrated treatment plan that positively will keep ants under control. We treat around the usual entrances to keep ants out of the building. In addition, our new perimeter treatment, which ants cannot detect, is the knockout punch. They carry it back to the nest where it eventually kills off the colony! Corky’s Pest Control Santa Ana uses only organic or reduced risk insecticides to treat your property. We use organic granular applications in the areas where ant colonies tend to build their nests. Our treatment program keeps the insect population under control and out of your building.

Most pest control problems center around ants. Argentine ants are now the most prolific ants in Southern California. Their normal food is excretion from aphids and other plant insects. These ants develop the habit of coming inside for water, and during these treks often find other food they like as well. When you have Corky’s Pest Control Santa Ana service, we’ll take away their reason for being there in the first place! Regular treatment to your property is necessary to keep ants and spiders under control.

We can also take care of your rodent and roach problems. Don’t put up with these disease-carrying pests!

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